Get Paid to Read Emails : Best & Highest Paying Legit Websites !

Gone are the days when we would break our heads to earn a single penny by doing some off jobs. All thanks to digitalization, we are now privileged to secure ourselves with a constant flow of income with different online gigs. Another legit way of making money online other than typing is by reading emails. Yes, you heard it right. You can now get paid to read emails. Here are some of the popular websites that will ensure a steady flow of cash in your bank account:

Now Get Paid to Read Emails


  • Paisalive : it is a unique platform that ensures that you get paid whenever you check an email from the advertiser. This website offers plenty of earning opportunities. When you join this website, INR 99 is credited to your account. For checking each promotional email, you are paid anywhere between INR 0.25 to 5.00. When you refer a friend, you earn INR 2.00. They currently make cheque payments and payments are made by the middle of every month.
  • Donkeymails : This site pays you to read emails, access the sites of different advertisers, play online games, sign up for different offers, and all such similar tasks. The pay scale is extremely low but rest assured it is a genuine site. The minimum payout is different for different payment options: 50 cents for PerfectMoney, $1 to be paid through AlertPay or PayPal, and $2.50 to be paid through Solidtrustpay. The members have vouched for the authenticity of this site by putting up their payment proofs on several forums and websites. The email response is quite fast when compared to other sites and the response turnaround is anywhere between 1-3days.
  • EmailPaysu : This site is good to be counted as another genuine get-paid-to-read-emails site. There are different alternatives here through which you can make a decent income. You simply need to let the site know of your interests and accordingly you will be sent emails, which you need to read. There is also a Paid-2-Click program that will pay you to visit merchants’ websites. This site offers two forms of payment while reading emails. The standard payment is $0.2 per email you receive and read from this organization. There is also a chance of earning valuable point emails, which you can exchange to earn cash six times in a year. You also get a sign-up bonus of $10 when you join this site.
  • EmailCashPro : This is the first get-paid-to-read-emails site which is established in Singapore and now is expanding rapidly in other geographies. You need to choose your area of interest and then you are sent emails within your area of interest. The system is designed in such a way that they will match your profile with the email advertisements and send you emails accordingly. Each email comes with a specific heading and you can only choose to read those emails if the heading sparks an interest in you. You can exponentially grow your earnings by inviting your friends and family members to join this site.
  • Matrixmails : Earn money by reading emails in India with this website. In addition to getting paid by reading emails, it also pays you to click and visit sites, play games, write articles, search the internet, and more. The payout limit is $2 and the payment option is AlertPay. As a member, you are also eligible to earn cash bonuses.
  • SendEarnings : This is a safe website and is genuine with its dealings. It pays you to read emails, complete surveys and offers, and play online games. They have absolutely zero tolerance for any kind of fraudulent practices. If you opt to be paid through cheques, they charge $3 to your account. Their terms are a bit different than the rest, so get acquainted with their terms of services accordingly.
  • Hits4Pay : This is another popular site, where you get paid to read email. It is one of the oldest programs and is still going strong. This site is a bit different than the rest in the sense that they don’t send you similar paid emails to be seen and read. The signup process is easy and you do not need to enter much personal details. An amount of $10 is instantly credited to your account once you sign up. The minimum payout is $25 and the payment option is PayPal.

So, what are you waiting for… start working from the comfort of your home and make money by reading emails.

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